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South Dakota Municipal League Benefits from Recovery Act Funds

It’s a source of pride to me that South Dakota is benefitting from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) that President Obama signed into law in February.  As an example, the South Dakota Municipal League is breaking ground on a lot in the Teton Island Addition in Fort Pierre for new office and training space.  The new facility will provide office space for six employees, plus two additional spaces to allow for future staff expansion. These federal funds will help improve services offered by the League, including trainings and meetings sessions.

This project is being built with USDA Rural Development ARRA Community Facility direct loan funds of $592,000 and a Community Facility Guaranteed loan from the state’s regular allocation in the amount of $150,000 which will be leveraged with applicant contributions for a total project cost of $1,085,000.  The facility will be a leading example of energy efficiency Green design, and will provide a benchmark example for similar projects by its membership, other non-profits, or small business entities.

The South Dakota Municipal League was organized in 1934 by city officials working through the University Extension Division in the University of South Dakota.  Membership in the Municipal League is voluntary, however, the quality of the services offered means 300 of the 310 cities and towns in South Dakota have had long term memberships. This training facility will be put to good use by municipal league members across South Dakota for generations to come.

South Dakota Municipal League

South Dakota Municipal League

Submitted by South Dakota State Director Elsie M. Meeks

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