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The Swing

Carlye Dozier is a 17 year-old 4-H member who enjoys showing lambs as well as science.

Carlye Dozier is a 17 year-old 4-H member who enjoys showing lambs as well as science.

This post is part of a special series written by students celebrating 4-H’s commitment to science.

“Ninety-seven, ninety-eight, ninety- nine, one hu— Whoa watch where you’re going. Can’t a guy do some pushups without being trampled? Let me guess, you’re looking for Carlye? Thought so. Well, she’s at a lamb show. That girl is a 17-year-old livestock lover who spends quite a bit of her free time working, showing animals and just about everything else for Robertson County.

Anyway my name is Swinger, Woody B. Swinger, though most people call me Swing for short. I’m Carlye’s perpetrator. My job is to swing and NOT to miss. Basically, I’m what happens when Carlye, science, and competition collide.

Science has always been a big part of Carlye’s life. By the age of seven she had already written her first ‘report’ on bacteria (one of Carlye’s favorite topics). To this day, she still studies many different areas of science. She now hopes to join the F.B.I which is where I come in.

I was the perpetrator used in one of her science fair experiments. She decided she was going to study and test how wind affects Blood Spatter Analysis for the first science fair at Round Up. So she designed me: a tall, strong, athletic, single perpetrator who enjoys working out and smashes sponges into the wall for a living. Despite my stunning good looks and dashing smile, she ended up placing second! She is currently working on a research project on mental illness and crime.

Recently, Carlye learned about the 4-H National Youth Science Day and is thrilled that more kids are becoming involved in science at a young age, especially since she’s loved science from an early age. Fortunately for her, she has not only learned about different realms in science but also interview skills, and time-management techniques.

Whoa!! Look at the time! I must hurry and take a quick jog then prepare for my interview for a job in the weed-whacking industry. Thankfully, Carlye gave me some tips. I hate to run out on you like this, but I have to find a new job now that Carlye is finished with her project and is therefore finished with me.”

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