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USDA TARGET Center Launches Profiles in Technology Video Series on USDA YouTube Channel

In today’s workplace, technology has such an immense impact that most of us take it for granted. Yet there was once a day when you sat at your desk and wrote letters by hand, waited for the mail to be delivered and connected calls through an employee-operated switch board in your office.  If you were lucky, at least you could use a typewriter.

Today, we can type letters using our voice, constantly have access to email on our Smartphone and video chat to anyone in the world almost instantly. While we certainly all benefit from advances in technology, individuals with disabilities have probably benefited most of all. Through our Profiles in Technology video series, we want to share brief stories from the individuals and demonstrate how technology has impacted them in the workplace. Through these stories, we hope you will see how individuals with disabilities can achieve the same level of success as everyone else in the workplace.

In our first episode, we introduce Dr. Denise Decker, an NRCS employee who has a successful career at Agriculture during which she has travelled the world and written a published book about her guide dog, all with the help of assistive technology.

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