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A Budget for our Future

Since coming into office in 2009, President Obama and I have taken important steps to avoid potential economic collapse, and strengthen the American economy for future generations.  America’s families have tightened their belts during these difficult times, and government needs to do the same.  That is why the Fiscal Year 2012 budget looks for opportunities to cut waste and streamline operations – but also proposes cutting programs that the President and I care about to work towards controlling the deficits.  Last year, USDA provided $4 billion to help pay down the debt by renegotiating an agreement with crop insurance companies.  This budget continues that commitment to deficit reduction – proposing a nearly $2 billion decrease from our request for Fiscal Year 2011.

At the same time, we propose targeted investments and program increases in key areas to support job creation and economic competitiveness.  It calls for investments in research that will spur innovation, help to promote exports, support renewable energy and conservation, and enhance critical infrastructure in rural communities.  Both the President and I share a vision of strengthening our middle class and building an economy that works for all Americans.

This budget will help us grow a robust economy, while working to reduce our deficit. It builds on past efforts to streamline operations and deliver results – at a lower cost – for the American people.  While it makes responsible cuts and reductions, it also focuses on programs with the greatest potential to drive innovation, build critical infrastructure and generate job growth so that we can win the future.

To hear more about the President’s proposed Fiscal Year 2012 Budget and how it relates to Agriculture, listen to my remarks.

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  1. Joe Moore says:

    I’m ashamed to admit I’m from the same state as Vilsack. His support of the use of GMO’s demonstrates his allegiance to corporate farming and behemoths like Monsanto. Shameful!

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