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Free Kit Helps Educators Empower Students to Become ‘Beetle Busters’

A free curriculum available online can help educators teach students how to spot the invasive Asian longhorned beetle.

Infestations of the Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) have been initially reported by alert members of communities in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and Massachusetts. As summer approaches, a new army of the invasive ALB may emerge from its favorite trees anywhere in the United States. APHIS has developed a way to prepare school-aged “Beetle Busters” to help uncover any ALB infestations that may exist.

APHIS has created an ALB educator’s kit containing a multi‐unit environmental science program that includes standards‐based, age‐appropriate activities for 3rd through 8th grades and 9th‐10th grade science classes, and includes a unit for after‐school and summer programs.

This free online kit contains a curriculum, poster, identification cards and bookmarks in PDF format. The kit contains everything a Beetle Buster needs to know to search community trees for signs of ALB infestation with their teacher, parents, siblings, camp counselor or scout leader.

The kit will teach students how the ALB damages trees, how to identify the ALB and the signs it leaves behind, and also how to report a sighting to APHIS and state partners.

Educators can order a copy of this kit at For more information, please contact Rhonda Santos at 508-852-8044.

This handy card provided with the educator’s kit helps “Beetle Busters” identify the ALB in the field.

This handy card provided with the educator’s kit helps “Beetle Busters” identify the ALB in the field.

2 Responses to “Free Kit Helps Educators Empower Students to Become ‘Beetle Busters’”

  1. Lisa marini finerty says:

    Dear Ms. Santos, We have built a social network for gardeners and would like to inform our community about how to look for the Asian Longhorned Beetle. While we have a few educators, schools and youth communities (rehabilitation), we are mostly a community of private gardeners. Do you have a program for us? How can we publicize and inform about your initiative?

    Thank you,

    Lisa Finerty
    Outreach Director
    Your Garden Show
    Twitter: yourgardenshow
    San Francisco

    Find inspiration,
    grow your garden,
    share with others.

  2. Sue Lueloff says:

    I am wondering if there are plans to implement the same for the brown marmorated stink bug?

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