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White House Report Shows Continued Focus on Rural America

Cross posted from the White House blog:

Today, the White House Rural Council released a new report titled Jobs and Economic Security for Rural America (pdf).  This is a product of what we have been working on since President Obama signed an Executive Order establishing the first White House Rural Council on June 9.

I hope that you’ll take a few minutes to read the report because it gives a really good picture of the economic landscape in rural America today. It also shows the commitment and key investments the Obama Administration has already made in rural communities.

The Jobs and Economic Security for Rural America (pdf) report, focuses on 5 critical areas:

  1. Creating jobs and promoting economic growth
  2. Improving access to quality health care and education
  3. Fostering innovation
  4. Expanding outdoor opportunities
  5. Supporting veterans and military families

Moving forward, the information included in the report on the specific needs as well as unique opportunities found within rural America, will guide the Rural Council as we work to drive job growth and tackle some of the toughest challenges facing our rural communities.

As chair of the Rural Council, I am working to coordinate Federal government efforts for rural American and encourage public-private partnerships to improve economic conditions in rural communities.Over the last few months, my fellow Cabinet members and Administration officials have held over 50 meetings and events in rural communities across the country to hear about how we can be more effective partners for rural communities.  And we will continue those meetings this month.

Together we are working to strengthen economic conditions, create jobs, promote innovation and improve access to essential community services in rural America.

The report gives a good sense of the unprecedented opportunities for economic growth in rural America that the Administration will be focusing on through the White House Rural Economic Forum. And you can keep checking the White House Rural Council site to learn more about Administration activities that are happening throughout next week.


One Response to “White House Report Shows Continued Focus on Rural America”

  1. Eric Pool says:

    I am a rural entreprenuer. I filed 23 w-2′s last year. If you want me to create more jobs, lower my taxes, lower my paperwork burdens, and level the playing field so I am not paying a higher wage than my competitors who are using illegal immigrant labor. Government involvement will not help me, only burden me.

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