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Secretary’s Column: Common Sense Ideas to Create Jobs

There is no doubt that these have been tough times.  And it’s very tough for the many Americans who are looking for work.  So we’ve got to keep finding ways to help the unemployed in the short term and rebuild the middle class over the long term.

President Obama has focused on that challenge since his first day in office.  And it’s why he spoke to Congress to lay out the way forward to grow the economy and create jobs.

The American Jobs Act he proposed will have an immediate impact.  It contains common sense proposals that will create jobs now.  And it is based on bipartisan ideas that both Democrats and Republicans have supported in the past.  

Americans living in rural communities know that the specific ideas in the bill work.

Too many of our rural areas are dealing with crumbling infrastructure.  They know the benefits of rebuilding local roads and bridges and of improving rail lines and water systems.  And our rural construction workers are ready to get their hands dirty and get back on the job.

The small businesses that employ most Americans in small towns know that the tax cuts in the bill will mean more work, so they can expand and hire.  They understand why it’s especially important to put our returning veterans back to work.  And every working family in rural America will benefit from money back in their pockets.

Small town and county governments know they can use the support to keep folks on payroll.  Teachers need to be kept on the job preparing our children for a better future.  Firefighters, police officers and other first responders need keep our families safe.

Most importantly, folks in rural America know that in difficult times, we should come together to hammer out solutions that benefit everyone.  And elected leaders in Washington need to do the same as they work to support job growth and build a stronger future for all Americans.

You can find the audio version of the weekly message here.

3 Responses to “Secretary’s Column: Common Sense Ideas to Create Jobs”

  1. Donna Hatfield says:

    I work for the government I’m a Laboratory Technician II and at our business we diagnoise birds for diseases. Now, I’m out of a job because of your cut backs. Several people are going to lose there jobs, homes, and a way of life. Most people I talked to are having nervious break downs becasue they have homes, families to take care of. I have been here for 10 years and 2 months and now I’m going to be unemployed in October 17th 2011 when our building is closed and moved 2 and 1/2 hours away. We had several branch labs all over the state of Georgai and work was steady and work is still steady we have more work than last year according to our monthly charts. But, with the so called budget cuts that don’t make no since at all why we have to close. Now, people are going to have to drive all over the state of GA, parts of Flordia, Alabama, South Carolina to retreave work and bring it back to a one location in Tifton GA. What a wast of gas, of Fedexing to which our company will have to filip the bill for. Were as it was we all had jobs, we were located by large chicken business, commercial business and priviate owners could find us easely, now the work will have to be brought in or mailed in. Everyone who is losing there jobs are parents with kids and most are single parents this is putting them in a hard possition in taking care of there kids and having a long distance job because the cut back was due to this so called budget cut. I find it crazy that now all of us the lower class working people have to suffer for what the upper class does. You all need to keep in mind we are the ones that keep you in office and we will be the ones to vote you out of office. Hopefully someone will come to our rescue and help us. We had to sign papers to get unemployment which starts October 17th 2011. I would of rather had this job in my home town where it is at the moment Glennville, GA (1221 South Veterans Blvd)than to have it moved to where I have to lose 10 years and 2 months of a job that I mostly enjoyed and was helping the public. Were we do the Bird Flu testing and check the meats to make sure you don’t get sick eating it. Now, it will be down to a few to cover that job and the rest of us are out on our ears. Thanks again for not helping the little single parents who depended on this job. Still confusded at the reason we had to closed based on a cheeper building when all the building we were using were up-dated and money was poured into them all and now what a waste of money just like the Government to waste money over and over. Thanks for helping me LOSE MY JOB!!!! Sincerley not happy with our governement, Donna Bellina Hatfield, use to be Laboratory Technician II, NOW UNEMPLOYED THANKS TO YOU!!.

  2. nirmal says:

    only post agriculture news that will be beneficial to all.

  3. Roger Wallace says:

    With such serious crop shortfalls in the US for the 2nd year in a row there are incredible opportunities to expand production agriculture in this country. Open up the CRP for early release, allow grain production to grow and watch the livestock industry recover from 5 year’s of little or no growth. Not only will the US consumer benefit from cheaper food prices but business will grow and employment will expand . It’s a win win…

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