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Recognizing Farmer Health, Safety, and Their Contributions to the Nation

At USDA, we look every day to support America’s farmers and ranchers stay profitable, safe and successful in their work to provide this country with the reliable and affordable supply of food, fiber – and increasingly – fuel we need.  This week, National Farm Safety and Health Week, President Obama signed a proclamation reflecting the importance of America’s producers to the strength of our nation.

Read the full text of the proclamation here.

One Response to “Recognizing Farmer Health, Safety, and Their Contributions to the Nation”

  1. Ed says:

    Agriculture is exciting for farmers and ranchers. They work long days under adverse weather conditions, stress and exhaustion and unfavorable working conditions. Families and employees are surrounded with potential dangerous situations of livestock, building hazards, equipment malfunctions and road hazards.
    Fewer individuals are agriculturalists working in feedlots, swine confinement buildings, driving tractors with larger machinery, inspecting fields, crop production activities and taking hazardous risks.

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