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Natural Resources Conservation Service Provides Assistance to Choctaw Tribe

NRCS provided technical assistance to the Choctaws in the creation of Lake Pushmataha, a 285-acre lake in Neshoba County.

NRCS provided technical assistance to the Choctaws in the creation of Lake Pushmataha, a 285-acre lake in Neshoba County.

November is American Indian Heritage Month and offers a great time to recognize the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians for their stellar record as stewards of the environment. Read more »

Secretary’s Column: Flying Planes with Biofuels

Not everyone knows it, but most Americans use biofuels to help power their car or truck every day.  Using biofuels we produce here at home creates jobs, raises incomes for farmers, and saves us all money.  The ethanol mixed into the gas we buy at the pump saved American drivers almost 90 cents per gallon last year.

Moving forward, we’ll see Americans running their cars with more biofuels mixed into the gas – like E85, a mix with 85 percent ethanol.  And USDA will help install thousands of new pumps at gas stations so drivers can pick the sort of fuel they want. Read more »

Disfrute los Días Festivos: Prepare Comidas Inocuas y Saludables

Serie especial para los días festivos- 3er blog de 5

¿Ya comenzó a planear su menú para el día festivo? La Dra. Hagen del Servicio de Inocuidad e Inspección de Alimentos del USDA y yo queremos ayudarle. Esta semana le proveemos recetas de bajo costo con consejos simples para un manejo adecuado de alimentos que le ayudaran a preparar cenas saludables e inocuas para los días festivos. Hasta ahora, hemos compartido con ustedes recetas para un delicioso pavo y relleno. Hoy queremos decirle sobre una receta para manzanas y camotes (batatas) al horno. Este es un tremendo plato acompañante para cualquier ocasión.  Asegúrese de ver nuestro próximo blog, el cual contiene otra receta de bajo costo y fácil de preparar para salteado de ejoles. ¡Disfrute! Read more »

Enjoy the Holidays: Preparing Healthy and Safe Meals!

Special holiday series – Blog 3 of 5

Starting to plan your holiday menu? USDA Under Secretary for Food Safety Dr. Elisabeth Hagen and I want to help. This week we are providing low-cost holiday recipes that incorporate simple food safety tips to help you prepare healthy and safe holiday meals. So far, we’ve posted delicious turkey and stuffing recipes. Today we’re featuring a Baked Apples and Sweet Potatoes recipe, which will make a great side dish for any occasion. Make sure to look for our next blog which will feature another low-cost, easy to prepare –recipe—Green Bean Sauté.  Enjoy!! Read more »

USDA-Endorsed Trade Shows Help Seattle Cracker Company Thrive Internationally

What started as a family-owned bread company in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood in 1991 is today a thriving, artisan Italian cracker company that sells gourmet products around the world.

La Panzanella’s international success is, in part, thanks to their participation in USDA-endorsed international food and beverage trade shows, which is one way that USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) helps U.S. companies increase international sales. Read more »

It’s A Sticky Situation – In The Best Possible Way!

USDA Business and Cooperative Programs Administrator Judith Canales and Ohio Rural Development Director Tony Logan recently paid a visit to Troy, Ohio’s 3 Sigma Corporation to see how the company is utilizing its $2.25 million USDA Business & Industry loan guarantee. Among other things, the funds are helping finance the purchase, transportation and installation of a 78-inch wide aqueous (water-based emulsion) coater, financed through First Financial Bank of Dayton.

In business since 1980, 3 Sigma specializes in custom pressure-sensitive products and specialty coatings. But this technology goes well beyond diaper fasteners and sticky tape! Have you ever noticed those clever little holographic tags inside ball caps and on other wearable items? That’s a 3 Sigma-engineered counterfeit-detection system. The peel-off coupon that doesn’t shred your Sunday morning paper? 3 Sigma. That authentic backstage pass to your favorite rock star’s show? Chances are 3 Sigma may have had a hand in its creation. Read more »