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Turkey Tips for your Kitchen in Time for Thanksgiving

@USDAFoodSafety shares #trkytips in time for the holidays

It’s always nice to get a few extra hands in the kitchen, especially around the holidays. That was the idea behind Food Safety Inspection Service’s (FSIS) Thanksgiving Twitter Q&A with food safety experts from FSIS, FDA and celebrity chef Ingrid Hoffman.

On the day before Thanksgiving, our experts sat down to answer all manner of questions posed to @FoodSafetygov via Twitter. Is it OK to eat the stuffing that you’ve cooked inside the bird? How many hours and at what temperature do you cook a 12-pound turkey? What is the strangest turkey question the M&P Hotline has ever received? No question was too small for the FSIS team to answer. Once again, the power of social media opened our doors to an audience hungry for tips, and just in time for one of the most iconic dinners of the year.

It was great to ‘sit down’ and answer any questions that came our way; helping real people at a time when time is stretched thin, and food safety is needed most. For a run-down of some of the kinds of questions our experts were able to answer, check out a transcript of the chat posted on the USDA blog.  You may even learn something new.

Be sure to catch our number 8, number 7 and number 6 moments, and stay tuned for the rest!

2 Responses to “Turkey Tips for your Kitchen in Time for Thanksgiving”

  1. Ethical human says:

    Here’s an idea: Let the turkeys live their lives and eat roasted vegetables instead. It will be healthier for you, and it will bring us a step closer to peace on earth for all beings. Better than telling the turkey that they must endure a lifetime of abject cruelty because your dinner is more important than their life.

  2. Andym says:

    I agree with Ethical Human. Lets get more eco friendly and give these birds some love.

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