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USDA Announces Streamlined Access to Energy Investment Information

The Renewable Energy Investments web map contains information regarding USDA programs that provide assistance to renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

The Renewable Energy Investments web map contains information regarding USDA programs that provide assistance to renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

As Under Secretary for USDA Rural Development, it is my responsibility to oversee the administration of many of the renewable energy programs included in the 2008 Farm Bill.  For example, today we are announcing the availability of funds for the popular “Rural Energy for America” program (REAP).

Getting information about funding opportunities like REAP got easier this week when USDA unveiled its new energy website, which provides stakeholders and prospective applicants fast and efficient access to program information, energy efficiency data and renewable energy data.

One of my favorite parts of the new site is the interactive map.  Using your computer, you can click on a State, County or a Congressional District and view the renewable energy investments that have been made by USDA in the area.  While Rural Development was a major contributor to this website development effort, it truly was a department-wide endeavor.  Because every agency contributed to this undertaking, all USDA energy resources are accessible, including agricultural, forestry, economic and social data.

In addition to the Renewable Energy Investment Map, the site includes the Renewable Energy Tool and an expanded and improved Energy Matrix.  The idea is to enable a broad spectrum of users to get the information they need easily.  The site was launched just this week and will be improved and updated in response to user comments.  I’d encourage you to try it out at

This new site and others like it build on Secretary Vilsack’s commitment to develop a modern and efficient USDA service organization as outlined in the “Blueprint for Stronger Service” announced last week. To learn more about our renewable energy efforts, click here.

3 Responses to “USDA Announces Streamlined Access to Energy Investment Information”

  1. Sad boy says:

    What about peak oil

  2. Sad boy says:

    We need to get off of this oil problem. im 14 years old and know that. without oil this nation would crash. i dont want to see that happen. please do something about this problem. your my government you need to think about americas future. i love this nation. i want my kids to be rised in this world. and another problem. iran and north korea. there tring to make a nuke. stop them. theyre a threat to this nation.make a difference. dont be selfish.

  3. SolarManJD says:

    Sad Boy you r absolutely right…we much lower the need for importing oil period…Believe it or not the largest amount of Electricity is still Gas and Oil burning to generate…this has got to change …the #1 thing you as a 14 yr old can do is to convince your Family and your School to use less. And the least expensive and fastest way is through Weatherization…and adding power factor technology and whole dwelling surge
    prevention. These give you the best bang for your buck. Then as you have now lowered the need. If you wish to off set the electric bill with say, small Solar or Wind generation it is not as costly. THUS LOWERING COST ALL THE WAY AROUND.

    Education is the key to our future as a Great Nation…
    We must start with the young people and give the knowledge to make the right decisions as well as train them in these respective fields. For what will be the Jobs of the Future.
    Renewable Energy Jobs…Education is the most valuable of all….knowing the truth
    And how to tell others of it….

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