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Individuals Across the Country Help Stop the Spread of Citrus Diseases

Thanks to everyone who reported suspected citrus disease on USDA’s updated Save Our Citrus online Report It form.  We have now received submissions from every citrus-producing state in the country.  Using this new reporting form, site visitors can compare their own citrus plants to photos of four very serious foreign citrus diseases.  If they believe their citrus is sick with citrus greening, citrus canker, sweet orange scab, or citrus black spot, they can submit a report and upload a photo in seconds.

With the rapid spread of citrus diseases, APHIS realized the need for eyes on the ground, in every backyard, and wherever citrus is grown.  Residents are the first line of defense in stopping the devastation caused by citrus diseases.

In addition to the Report It page, which is available in English and Spanish, Save Our Citrus houses an education and outreach campaign to communicate a greater urgency about these diseases and the risk of spreading them by transporting citrus plants.

Because citrus diseases have destroyed millions of acres of citrus around the world, they present an immediate and urgent threat to U.S. citrus. We can’t stop their spread without you.  So, tell your friends and continue to submit your information through the Report It form.

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2 Responses to “Individuals Across the Country Help Stop the Spread of Citrus Diseases”

  1. Joeriebell Abaa says:

    Hello! Your site has been very informative! Thank you so much for the information! Bookmarked!!


  2. Larry says:

    Thanks Joerie. We’re hoping to spread the word about how to SaveOurCitrus and I hope you’ll help us spread the message.

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