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You Asked, We Answered: FAQs About the Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food Compass

It’s been a little over two weeks since we launched the Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food Compass, which includes a multi-media PDF narrative and an accompanying interactive map. Together, they’re designed to help you navigate USDA’s grant and loan programs and learn how USDA supports the development of local and regional food systems. You’ll hear about people across the country putting these resources to work. We hope you’ll be inspired and perhaps get some new ideas to try out on your farm or ranch or in your community.

We never intended to launch the KYF Compass and call it a day. This is just the beginning of what we hope will be a long-term conversation about new opportunities in local and regional food. We’ve reached out to you through a webinar, over Twitter, in our blog and in events with stakeholders to hear your feedback and ideas. And you’ve certainly kept up your end of the conversation!

This will be the first in a weekly series to answer frequently-asked questions that we’ve received since the launch of the Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food Compass. If you have a question about the Compass, map, or USDA programs related to local and regional food systems, please let us know! Use Twitter hashtag #KYF2 or send us an email at

Today, we’re answering some of the questions you’ve asked about the map. But to make sure the answers continue to be accessible, we’ve posted them here for easy access while you are playing with the map.

Don’t forget to send in new questions for next week’s Q&A using Twitter or the email above.

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  1. RL Cohen says:

    I am considering building a 21 acre Greenhouse for food produce in Maryland, where can I get some funding?

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