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Calling All Champions of Change

Hunger is an issue that touches the lives of people all around us. Whether it’s the single mother struggling to feed her family of four while simultaneously making ends meet or a person living in rural America who has to drive 50 miles to the closest grocery store, hunger affects us all.

That is why I am calling upon all community leaders who have committed themselves to ending this struggle to apply to the “White House Champions of Change:  Alleviating Hunger at Home and Abroad” program.  The purpose of this program is to recognize individuals who are using innovative community-based approaches to reduce hunger and ensure that people have access to enough food both in the United States and internationally.

Some examples of a champion’s work include:

  • Organizing a community-based emergency food delivery network.
  • Reaching food insecure families and individuals via outreach around federal nutrition assistance programs (such as SNAP, WIC, or school meals).
  • Supplying food to underserved populations through a community garden, farmers market, or other local food project.
  • Running a summer or after-school meal program for kids or helping to support that program with activities, transportation, outreach, or healthy meals.
  • Implementing community-based strategies to increasing access to healthy, affordable food for underserved populations.
  • Running a nutrition education program for low-income citizens to stretch the food dollar and heighten awareness of the connection between diet and health.
  • Expanding access to and quality of school feeding programs.
  • Researching innovative solutions to challenges that limit farmer productivity.
  • Increasing agricultural productivity, especially with small landholder farmers internationally.
  • Improving nutrition for mothers and children, especially during the critical 1,000 days from pregnancy to a child’s second birthday.

If you know folks in your community that fit this description, I urge you to nominate them. The struggle to end hunger is great, but thanks to these committed individuals, progress is being made.

Please submit your nominations by midnight on Friday, June 29th through this form.

2 Responses to “Calling All Champions of Change”

  1. Koko Barnes says:

    Dear Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack,
    It give me great pleasure to nominate Mr. Baron Howard, a great community leader, speaker, organizer, motivator, mentor and now through a collaboration with us, The 20743 Community Development Corporation (formerly the Seat Pleasant Community Development Corporation), we are making a BIG dent in our community with regard to Food Safety, Food and Nutrition, Let’s Move, People’s Garden, Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food

  2. Koko Barnes says:

    Mr. Baron Howard,working with me, has organized a People’s Garden using Youth, Seniors and farmers in a unique arrangement of inter-generational transfer of skills and techniques. The youth have planted, are cultivating, will soon harvest and learn how to transport, market and sell their fruits and veggies in their own Health And Wellness Farmers Market. They will apply the Entrepreneural knowledge they are learning in our classes and invest back into their business; then, after opening Savings accounts at our local Credit Union, pay themselves first (long term goals), set aside portions saving for short term purchases then for spending. We are very excited about this special program. We are even inviting in health professtionals to speak at our Market givng tips on avoiding, overcoming or managing various illnesses and health challenges. Also we will have cooking demonstrations on more nutritious recipies and cooking methods. We want to be change agents in our inner beltway community for health, nutrition and longevity. We intend to accomplish this by presenting information and demonstrations on nutritious food and preparation choices presented in a format that our community understands and can accept.

    You and First Lady Michele Obama are invited to come and see all the wonderful things that we do as Champions of Change. You would be pleased to know that we: distribute 5 to 7 tons of FREE fresh fruits and vegetables to needy persons weekly; feed ‘reduced lunch’ students aftershool; participate in the “Backpack” program feeding evenings and over the weekend; we are an ‘Emergency Feeding’ site through the Emergency Feeding Assistance program, and; serve breakfast and lunch in The Summer Food Service Program… all without any funding. No one is paid; all programs are executed with unpaid volunteers!

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