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What’s Next for Agriculture? Secretary Vilsack Wants to Hear from You!

Ask Secretary Vilsack questions about emerging opportunities in agriculture using the hashtag #AskUSDA

Ask Secretary Vilsack questions about emerging opportunities in agriculture using the hashtag #AskUSDA

Last week we asked why young Americans should care about the Farm Bill by inviting you to use social media to help tell the story about what is at stake in your lives and communities. The response has been overwhelming! We read tweets from aspiring young scientists about the importance of the Farm Bill to their career. We received messages from business owners looking for ways to keep their family farms in the family for future generations. In fact, we were so struck by your feedback online, we thought that the best person to answer your questions and address your concerns would be Secretary Vilsack himself!

For our final Virtual Office Hours session of 2012, join Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack this Monday, December 17 at 3:30 p.m. EDT for a live Twitter chat on the important role of rural America to the national and global economy, increasing agricultural opportunities in U.S. communities, and the importance of passing a five-year Farm Bill.

You may have questions like:

  • What are the emerging sectors in agriculture for new farmers and ranchers; where do I find them?
  • In both rural and urban communities, what is the significance of the agricultural sector?
  • I didn’t grow up on a farm. Are there other opportunities in agriculture besides farming that I should know about?

Tag your questions on Twitter with #AskUSDA and Secretary Vilsack will answer as many as he can during the session from the @USDA Twitter account.

USDA Virtual Office Hours, a monthly live question and answer series, allows stakeholders to directly engage with USDA leadership and subject matter experts through Twitter. December’s session will be the 9th in the #AskUSDA series. See a curated list of previous sessions on our Storify page.

4 Responses to “What’s Next for Agriculture? Secretary Vilsack Wants to Hear from You!”

  1. Lynnette Johnson says:

    why arn’t rural development rental units LEEDS certified?

  2. Rob Smith says:

    As a farmer and as a human being, any time somebody wants to communicate via “twitter”, I understand they really don’t want to communicate

  3. Kristi Miller says:

    Ag is very important to our community, state, country & world. We have farmed in OR for over 40 years & it affects local economy and wherever our grass seed travels to. Young employees depend on our doing well to receive seasonal wages. We also employ 2 full-time employees that depend on ag–we are not trivial.

  4. Karen says:

    Please address the need to move AWAY from genetically modified seeds, high pesticide and herbicide use, and to focus on SUSTAINABLE farming that benefits all Americans and the world. Also, please urge all senators on the Agricultural Committee to NOT support the Farm Bill unless the rider that benefits Monsanto (a HUGE profit-focused chemical/bio-tech Big AG company) is removed. The USDA and others we trust to protect us should never consider legislation that benefits large corporations rather than the interests of us (the citizens of this beautiful country who would like clean, un-sprayed, unaltered genetically, food in our grocery stores, etc. Thank you.

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