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Happy Birthday SuperTracker!

SuperTracker turned one on December 22, 2012. In one year over 1.6 million people have registered to use SuperTracker.

SuperTracker turned one on December 22, 2012. In one year over 1.6 million people have registered to use SuperTracker.

After an exciting and successful year reaching well over a million users, SuperTracker celebrates its first birthday! With growing public interest in nutrition and health, we found that SuperTracker is the online tool many people have been waiting for to help them adopt healthful eating habits; something that is top of mind this time of year SuperTracker is an easy-to-use, tool for tracking food intake, physical activity and weight – for free!!  If you have a 2013 New Year’s resolutions to eat better, lose weight, or exercise more, then you need to be using SuperTracker.

As part of the birthday celebration, join us as we take a look back at all that SuperTracker has accomplished in the last year.

  • SuperTracker was launched on in December 2011 and quickly grew in popularity. There were nearly 100,000 registered users within the first month.  Within only 9 months, SuperTracker hit the 1 million registered users mark! Currently, SuperTracker has over 1.6 million users.
  • Improvements and modifications were constantly made to the foods database based on user feedback. The tool currently boasts complete nutritional information on over 8,000 foods!
  • SuperTracker features continued to grow as well.   Enhancements include streamlined weight tracking and new functionality allowing users to set a personal calorie goal. And, coming soon, users will have the ability to customize food items!
  • SuperTracker was recognized by Government Computer News (GCN) as an Award Winner for “Outstanding Information Technology Achievement in Government” in 2012 and also received a USDA Secretary’s Honor Award.
  • SuperTracker was also featured in various media outlets, including Washington Post, National Public Radio, Huffington Post, Food, (Boston Globe), WebMD and more!

“As a government agency, we embrace the opportunity to connect on such a personal and individual level to help consumers live healthier lives,” said Dr. Robert Post, CNPP Deputy Director. “We are enormously pleased with bringing this tool to the American public.  During the first year, SuperTracker has received over 100 million page views and we are excited to reach such an overwhelming number of individuals. It empowers moms, kids, and health professionals with an engaging way to apply the science behind the Dietary Guidelines and build healthy plates inspired by USDA’s MyPlate.”

SuperTracker continues to grow at thrilling rates and we are looking forward to what 2013 may bring. If you don’t have a SuperTracker account, set one up by visiting today and get started on your healthy resolutions! Perhaps you can look up a piece of birthday cake in honor of our 1st year accomplishments. Happy Birthday SuperTracker!

SuperTracker’s Food Tracker allows users to track the foods they eat and compare it to their nutrition targets.

SuperTracker’s Food Tracker allows users to track the foods they eat and compare it to their nutrition targets.

4 Responses to “Happy Birthday SuperTracker!”

  1. Kat says:

    Dear SuperTracker creators,

    thank you for this great tool for healthy lifestyle monitoring. It is really thoughtfully created.

    It’s a great news, that users will soon have the ability to customize food items … I missed quite a few foods in the list, so that was a big turnoff for me (because the reports were never accurate, so what’s the use).

    Hopefully, the database will be enriched with a few more basic foods, (since this enables the users to get a better approximation of their own recipe’s nutrition value, even if the food they prepare is not in the database). The fact is that most people who try to eat healthy, cook their food by themselves, so maybe a more complete list of basic ingredients, such as different spices with important nutritional values and more types of grain would be a very welcome addition.

    Thank you again for a very comprehensive tracking tool, and develop successfully in the future.


  2. Kat says:

    P.S. I personally hope you’ll add the following items:

    - coconut milk (no fat, just “juice”)
    - cardamom
    - turmeric
    - hemp
    - lamb’s lettuce
    - different types of flour (spelt, corn, …)
    - vitamin supplements

    Thank you for your time,
    Kind regards,

  3. Kat says:

    An of course HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D

  4. jabran says:

    many many happy birthday.
    Dear Super Tracker creators
    the way you promote super tracker is awesome.millions of your user’s are because of information you are providing in super tracker.we wish to all the best and hope that to people will continues your effort to made it more better

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