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SuperTracker Announces New My Foods Feature

It’s been a little over a year since we first launched SuperTracker, and in that time we’ve loved hearing from our now over 2 million registered users – what they like about the site and ideas to make it better. We’re excited to announce a new SuperTracker feature that is based on user feedback!  It’s now possible to create My Foods – customized versions of SuperTracker foods with nutrition information that you enter.  When you search for a food in Food Tracker, just click on “customize” in the left hand column and Create My Food pops up. Nestlé Water North America created an educational Daily Buzz TV segment which reached 1.2 million viewers, as well as two Audio News Releases, which aired on nearly 1,900 stations.

You might find this new feature handy if you are not able to locate a particular food in the SuperTracker database or the nutrition information in SuperTracker doesn’t match the specific food you ate. For example, use this feature if you can’t find a no-salt-added version of the canned vegetables you use, or if the protein on your yogurt label is different than the one you found in SuperTracker. Just click the “customize” link to update the nutrition information and create a My Food.

We are pleased to offer our users a new way to customize and personalize their food tracking experience by inputting nutrition information from the food’s nutrition label. This new feature provides another personal touch to optimize SuperTracker and help our users meet their individual health and wellness goals.

2 Responses to “SuperTracker Announces New My Foods Feature”

  1. Jen says:

    Thank you for the tutorial! I sat there for a half hour trying to figure out a way to find the exact items I was entering. I was thinking there must be a way to customize this! Thanks.

  2. HAL9001 says:

    Great concept, but missing one key item. Many nutrition labels specify the vitamins etc not in “units”, but in %DV. Since the “customize” function does not allow for entry of the custom nutrient data in this fashion, one needs to either do a painstaking amount of other research, or simply surrender (accepting the default (and incorrect) values.

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