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Cheney Public Schools Puts USDA Planning Grant to Work

Cheney Public Schools (CPS) is a 7-school district in rural eastern Washington State. Of the 4,135 students who attend CPS, more than 2,000 are eligible for free and reduced price school lunch, and more than 30 percent are obese. Several years ago, realizing the need to improve child nutrition, the district began to take some modest steps to that end, including initiating a scratch cooking program and participating in a regional childhood obesity prevention initiative.

Upon receiving a USDA Farm to School Planning Grant in November 2012, CPS developed an eight-member team, comprised of school district officials and community partners, to lead their efforts. The group, which meets every four to six weeks, has done extensive research to determine the most effective path forward and has leveraged relationships with a range of partners to accomplish a great deal in a short period of time.

In just the first half of the grant period, Cheney initiated conversations with two regional produce distributors who have indicated that they are able to supply the district with Washington-grown fruits and vegetables, and a commodity retailer who can offer CPS Washington-grown lentils. Through these relationships, they were able to launch a Harvest of the Month Program and begin offering local products on their lunch line daily.

To complement these changes in the cafeteria, CPS has also established a robust farm to school curriculum that includes field trips to a local farm; a Harvest of the Month taste test program with a supplementary parent education piece; a planned Your State on Your Plate lunch event that will offer outreach to students, parents, community leaders and the media; a Chefs in School Food Science program at the middle schools; and integration of nutrition and agricultural reading materials into the K-12 core.

The district works closely with the City of Cheney and its Let’s Move Cheney Coalition to partner on a number of initiatives that promote health and nutrition in their community. They have also enlisted the help of the Washington State University Extension, the Spokane Conservation District, and the Washington Sustainable Food and Farming Network to help with various aspects of their project.

At USDA our goal is to create more Cheneys: more districts that have the resources, confidence, energy, and creative ideas to bring their communities together, enrich the bodies and minds of their students, and support the vital agricultural enterprises in their region.

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Cheney Public Schools will be serving local carrots throughout October.

Cheney Public Schools will be serving local carrots throughout October.

3 Responses to “Cheney Public Schools Puts USDA Planning Grant to Work”

  1. Teri Green says:

    Maggie; great blog article on Cheney. Hope the kids like the food in the cafeteria.
    Thanks again,
    Atlas Biomechanics

  2. Sonia says:

    I’m a community activist in East Harlem where our kids has type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure , candidates for cancer as well as other health factors. I will like to implement this program in ours schools and community.. please guidance

  3. Jordan says:

    As someone who works with school health programs, I am thrilled to hear of the success in Cheney. Involving students is a key way to create buy-in, and the farm-to-school curriculum discussed above is a perfect example of that. I am also pleased to hear of partnership building with community partners. These small changes from “the way things used to be” are what can really make a big difference in the health of students.

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