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How I Serve: The Importance of Public Service

Deputy Secretary Krysta Harden meets with USDA employees in Minnesota.

Deputy Secretary Krysta Harden meets with USDA employees in Minnesota.

Yesterday, I visited with USDA employees in Minnesota to tell them how much their work means to the Secretary, myself and the American people. USDA employees across the country and around the world do critical work that impacts millions of lives and I could not be prouder.

Folks often ask me why I work in the federal government and my answer always is: it’s how I serve. Public service is at the core of our nation’s principles. Our founding fathers performed a public service when they laid the foundation for the United States of America—as they sat down to write the Declaration of Independence and as they worked each day afterward to create and maintain a nation.

Public service looks a bit different today. At USDA alone, we help people buy homes, connect rural schools and hospitals to the internet, feed underserved children during the school year and summertime, provide loans to farmers and ranchers, fight wildfires and keep our food system safe and secure. Our employees are the best and brightest in the business. Public service is an honorable profession and should not be taken for granted.

These are just some examples of our great work. For all this and more, I want to express my deepest thanks to the incredibly talented and dedicated workforce at USDA.

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    Please end the Wildlife Services’ war on wildlife by ending the lethal control program.

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