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Farm Service Agency Resuming Payments to Millions of Farmers & Ranchers

Within a week after the government opened from a 16-day shutdown in October, Farm Service Agency employees were able to quickly issue payments to more than 1 million farmers and ranchers.

Secretary Vilsack said that he was “proud of the commitment by USDA employees” to ensure these conservation and safety net funds reached America’s farmers and ranchers. “USDA assures rural America that it remains a priority, and these actions by FSA staff serve as yet another reminder that America needs passage of a new Food, Farm and Jobs Bill as soon as possible to continue support of producers.”

After returning on Oct. 17, employees restored the agency’s information technology system and issued payments on 825,000 Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) contracts and 1.2 million farms participating in the Direct and Average Crop Revenue Election (ACRE) programs. FSA also resumed the commodity marketing assistance loans and begin fulfilling operating and farm ownership loans.

I am confident that farmers and ranchers know and appreciate how our staff at FSA worked to resume these payments quickly and efficiently after the shutdown ended. Their efforts demonstrate FSA’s commitment to helping maintain financial stability for agricultural producers.

Employees issued CRP payments beginning Oct. 21, just two business days after returning from the shutdown. Farmers and ranchers enrolled in CRP receive annual rental payments from USDA to remove environmentally sensitive land from agricultural production and plant grasses or trees that will improve water quality and waterfowl and wildlife habitat.

Direct payments and ACRE payments for 2012-crop barley, corn, grain sorghum, lentils, oats, peanuts, dry peas, soybeans and wheat were released by Oct. 24. Additional ACRE payments for other crops will be released this December and in February, 2014.

One Response to “Farm Service Agency Resuming Payments to Millions of Farmers & Ranchers”

  1. Barbara says:

    Do non-farmers have any clue about the impact of not passing a farm bill? I read recently that farmers don’t need or deserve tax breaks because they make so much money. I’d like to know where they got their information. I live on a family farm with two aging parents, two vietnam vets and extended family in need. We nearly lost everything this year due to bull misfunction. That means: no calves to sell for beef= no income. Due to temperature and rainfall (or lack thereof)hay production was reduced by 1/2= money out of pocket.
    Some people fail to realize that your average family farm is always at risk due to: drought, weather, animal sickness, crop loss, etc and yet the farmer pays increasing costs for gas,electricity,repairs, etc. Joe down the road doesn’t want to pay a higher cost to feed his family, but complains when the farmer who provides his hamburger wants more money for his beef or gets a tax break.

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