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U.S. Embassy Seoul #35 School Garden Project

When I visited Washington, I met the Secretary of Agriculture who comes from the great farming state of Iowa and he knew that we were going to begin this project. In fact, the idea for this project was inspired by the First Lady’s work with Washington, D.C. students who’ve always lived in the city and have never had a chance to grow vegetables or tend to a garden. As I have the rare privilege of having some land in the center of a very crowded city, I thought some of Seoul’s city students might enjoy a similar experience. Read more »

The Pool: The Great Equalizer

When I received an email from US Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack regarding the President and first Lady’s summer of service initiative, United We Serve, I thought, “Oh no, now what?” As I read about the goals of the program, I wasn’t sure if I would have either the time or the energy to do anything. But, as I thought about how lucky I am at this time to have a job, a roof over my head and a reliable vehicle, it seemed very little to ask me to give up one afternoon. Little did I know how much value I would find in giving up one afternoon of my time. Read more »

First Community Garden Opens in Dunwoody

Dunwoody Community Garden signThe first community garden in the newest city in the United States, founded in 2008, celebrated its grand opening during National Community Gardening Week. Read more »

Community Gardens Grow Strong Bodies and Minds

Community gardens are unique microcosms where people can learn about the science behind growing plants and provide an environment that cultivates social responsibility. Read more »

Secretary Vilsack proclaims National Community Gardening Week

This week is National Community Gardening Week and USDA encourages you to do you part and connect with your community through gardening. Read more »

Hummingbirds and gazpacho in the People’s Garden

Today in the People’s Garden, USDA volunteers hosted another Healthy Garden Workshop — and visitors were once again able to sample a dish created entirely from garden-grown foods in the Chef’s Garden. The events will continue all summer here in Washington, but you can also check out some video from this afternoon:

A volunteer from the Natural Resources Conservation Service leads the Healthy Garden Workshop, on attracting wildlife to the garden — in this segment of the presentation, he’s outlining how to attract hummingbirds.

Chefs from the USDA cafeteria hand out samples of gazpacho, prepared entirely from garden grown ingredients.

Be sure to check out the People’s Garden Twitter feed, and we’ll also be posting these and other videos on the USDA Facebook page.