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Hurrah for Labor Day!

Labor Day is the last “hurrah”—as in, “Hurrah! The hottest January-July period on record worldwide is at an end.” This is documented by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, but most people felt the heat without official confirmation.

Labor Day is an official holiday dedicated to American workers’ social and economic achievements, and for many parents, it marks a much needed break as the kids return to school. It’s also the last big grilling holiday of the year, so all-in-all, “hurrah” for a great day to relax and grill out. Read more »

USDA Recovery Act Funding Helps a South Dakota Rural Learning Center Become a Reality

USDA and local officials in front of a rendering of the newly designed learning facility.

USDA and local officials in front of a rendering of the newly designed learning facility.

The Miner County Development Corporation (MCDC) in Howard, South Dakota, broke ground recently on a new learning center complex with the assistance from the American Recovery Reinvestment Act (Recovery Act).  Funding was provided through a USDA Rural Development Business & Industry Loan in the amount of $3.2 million guaranteed through Miner County Bank in Howard. Read more »

Bringing the Market to You

Farmers Markets offer in season, local produce to communities nationwide

Farmers Markets offer in season, local produce to communities nationwide

Cross-Posted from the Let’s Move! Blog

Have you ever wanted fresh, local produce but didn’t know how to find the nearest farmers market?  The USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) makes it easy with the National Farmers Market search engine, which lists more than 6,100 markets across the nation.  Markets can be searched by name, city, zip code, and several other keyword fields. Read more »

La Zona de Descubrimiento de Inocuidad Alimentaria del Servicio de Inocuidad e Inspección de Alimentos del USDA Toma a los “Fighting Irish”

La Universidad de Notre Dame es uno de los colegios principales, históricos y más reconocidos en el fútbol colegial Americano. El equipo normalmente juega los juegos de su localidad en el en el Estadio de Notre Dame localizado en el campo de la Universidad de Notre Dame. El estadio tiene una capacidad de 80,795 fanáticos. ¡Que oportunidad para promocionar la Zona de Descubrimiento! Read more »

The USDA Food Safety Discovery Zone Takes on the Fighting Irish

The USDA Food Safety Discovery Zone travels to Notre Dame, Indiana, September 3-4, 2010, to meet the “Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.”

The University of Notre Dame is one of the largest, most historical, and most recognized names in college football. The team plays its home games on the University of Notre Dame’s campus at Notre Dame Stadium. The stadium has a capacity of 80,795 fans. What an outreach opportunity for the Discovery Zone! Read more »

U.S. Florida Grapefruit Won’t Get Squeezed by the OECD Scheme

A Florida grapefruit by any other name would surely taste as sweet. Recently, agencies across the U.S. Government worked with representatives of the Florida grapefruit industry to protect the grapefruit industry while underscoring the value of U.S. engagement in international organizations. A proposed entry of an Inspection Manual by the European-based Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development Scheme on Agricultural Quality (OECD Scheme) initially threatened specific U.S. grapefruit exports to the European Union (EU), which buys one of every two exported grapefruits in the world. Read more »