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Posts tagged: Arbor Day

Charles E. Bessey Nursery Showcases its ‘Babies’ – Seedlings That Will Become ‘Forests of the Future’

Richard Gilbert, Bessey Nursery Manager talks with students from Sandhills Public Schools about the seed collection process, growing process and replanting. (U.S. Forest Service/Tim Buskirk)

Richard Gilbert, Bessey Nursery Manager talks with students from Sandhills Public Schools about the seed collection process, growing process and replanting. (U.S. Forest Service/Tim Buskirk)

Two million seedlings will grow up one day to become the forests of our future.

The vision for all of those trees is part of the mission of the Charles E. Bessey Nursery, part of the Nebraska National Forests and Grasslands, and the oldest federal seedling nursery in the nation.

Working with the Bessey Ranger District and the volunteer group Friends of the Nebraska National Forests, the nursery recently invited the public in for a rare opportunity to see the nursery in full production; growing, packing and shipping hundreds of thousands of seedlings to U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, conservation districts and other government agency locations. The seedlings are used for reforestation following fire and insect infestations, wildlife/habitat plantings, wind breaks, conservation plantings, and general planting. Read more »

Arbor Day a Celebration of Trees

A forest visitor admires an old growth forest on the Mt. Hood National Forest. (U.S. Forest Service photo)

A forest visitor admires an old growth forest on the Mt. Hood National Forest. (U.S. Forest Service photo)

The U.S. Forest Service wants you to remember the last time you lay on the grass and looked up and were inspired by tree branches swaying in the breeze—or when you sat under an old oak tree feeling the rough bark of its trunk against your back. If you can’t remember, or you’ve never done these things you should because according to the Arbor Day Foundation, America has the “grandest trees on earth – the largest, the oldest and some of the most magnificent.”

Today, April 26, is National Arbor Day. Take a moment to celebrate trees and all they provide for us. Read more »

America’s Arbor Day Traditions Shared with Afghan Delegation

In honor of Arbor Day, I helped plant a tree at USDA’s National Arboretum on Friday morning, April 29. What made this unique from the thousands of similar tree plantings taking place nationwide today is that I was joined by a visiting delegation of Afghan agricultural experts.

The delegation included agricultural leaders from Afghanistan’s Ghazni Province who are part of an agricultural exchange program hosted by the National Guard Bureau’s Texas Agribusiness Development Team (ADT) IV.  Washington, D.C., is the first stop on a nearly two-week trip to the United States, which will include training and presentations by some of this country’s premier agricultural experts. Read more »

Got Green? Secretary Vilsack, Washington Redskins and local kids tackle Arbor Day

By Sammi Citron, News Services Information Assistant 

 Huddled around the flowering magnolia tree at the U.S. National Arboretum was a mix of suits, school uniforms and jerseys, as Secretary Vilsack, local D.C. schoolchildren and NFL Washington Redskin players Malcolm Kelly and Reed Doughty helped celebrate Arbor Day by cementing the new trees’ roots with mulch. Kicking off the inaugural dig was Secretary Vilsack, who called upon the single Raven’s fan in the crowd to help him – a tidbit he found out after taking an NFL survey amongst the kids. Arboretum employees quickly answered questions about gardening, (did you know tree’s roots grow 18 inches into the ground?) but not as fast as the children managed another spitfire round as they excitedly tested how much soil they could fit onto their shovels as compared to the football stars towering feet over them.

The children ran from booth to booth learning about different kinds of lettuce, – “there’s more than one?” was their general inquisition – herbs, and chili peppers. At another station, Doughty and Kelly showcased their teamwork as they dug holes for the kids to plant in. During a taste test of several locally-grown ingredients, the kids and players chanted “Mr. Secretary, you can handle it!” as he chewed a particularly strong mustard seed, and they even compared the mint flavor in toothpaste to homegrown mint leaves.

Mike Mangiaracina, science teacher at Brent Elementary, said lessons like these help the kids relate gardening and healthy eating to their everyday lives. “As we were driving in, the kids joked that they were in the country. Driving in from New York Avenue, it’s great for them to see that their city has this, and this isn’t that far away from their world,” said Mangiaracina.

To further encourage a healthy lifestyle was Fuel Up to Play 60, an in-school program that incorporates 60 minutes of daily physical activity with a balanced diet. Doughty and Kelly were the program’s representatives for the day, and they came bearing gifts. All of the participants received Fuel Up to Play 60 hats, which they wore as they tested their pigskin-throwing skills with some of Washington’s finest. Secretary Vilsack, hat in hand, cheered from the sidelines with each catch.

Wrapping up the afternoon was the National Dairy Council, another driving force behind the Fuel Up to Play 60 program. Between Secretary Vilsack, players Kelly and Doughty, Councilman Thomas and the kids, were “Got Milk?” mustaches that rivaled the some of the most memorable advertisements.

After the touchdown dance competition was squared away and everyone was leaving, Secretary Vilsack stole a moment with one of the younger participants, giving her a special coin of his. She happily accepted, grinning ear-to-ear with her milk mustache.

 Secretary Vilsack and students plant a tree on Arbor Day 
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack joined Washington, DC, school children from Brent Elementary and Center City Public Charter, Trinidad Campus and NFL Washington Redskins Wide Receiver Malcolm Kelly and Safety Reed Doughty at the U.S. National Arboretum to celebrate the 138th Arbor Day.

 Secretary Vilsack and students learn about different varieties of mint 
Agriculture Tom Secretary Vilsack (center) listens as Billie Parus a member of the National Herb Society and Tanya Zastrow, Volunteer/Intern Coordinator, National Arboretum explain the different varieties of mint to students from Center City Public Charter, Trinidad Campus, Washington, DC.

 Secretary Vilsack and Redskins Reed Doughty and Malcolm Kelly don milk mustaches 
NFL Washington Redskins Wide Receiver Malcolm Kelly (left), Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack (center), and Washington Redskins Safety Reed Doughty (right) display their milk mustaches received at the “Milk Mustache Mobile” sponsored by the Dairy Processor Education Program. The “Fuel Up to Play 60”campaign USDA is in partnership with the National Football League and the National Dairy Council to encourage children to eat well get outdoors and be active.