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Posts tagged: Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships

Líderes de la Comunidad Latina de Minnesota y Promotores Sincronizados en el Tema de la Nutrición

La llave para alcanzar a las comunidades elegibles que no están recibiendo asistencia nutricional es encontrar líderes dentro de la comunidad en los que las personas confían. La organización Comunidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio (CLUES) de Minnesota ha adoptado efectivamente un modelo de alcance comunitario el cual ha tenido gran impacto usando el modelo holístico de las Promotoras (o trabajadores de salud comunitarios) CLUES es un asociado de  La Mesa Completa que tiene como misión proveer apoyo a aquellos individuos en la comunidad Hispana que están enfrentado una crisis. Para ayudar a los Latinos necesitados, ellos han desarrollado un modelo de dar asistencia centrado en la familia con la idea de que la familia y el hogar son los recursos de apoyo más valiosos.

CLUES elige los líderes comunitarios para ser promotores y los entrena en cómo deben de dar la información de educación nutricional y alimentación saludable, prevención de la obesidad y diabetes, y la importancia de la actividad física, esto durante visitas individuales a cada casa. Los promotores latinos se han convertido en el puente entre la gente y el gobierno federal, estatal,  local  y diferentes  instituciones los cuales ofrecen recursos  a los que las personas son referidos por los promotores y es aquí donde la confianza es crucial. Read more »

Minnesota Latino Community Leaders and Promoters in Sync on Nutrition

The key to reaching out to underserved, eligible Latino communities in need of nutrition assistance is to find trusted leaders from within the community itself. The Minnesota-based organization Comunidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio (CLUES) has effectively adopted an outreach model that achieves grassroots impact through a holistic promotores (community health workers) model. CLUES is a La Mesa Completa partner whose mission is to provide a network of support for Hispanic individuals facing crisis. To help Latinos in need, they have developed a unique family-centric coordinated care delivery model based on the idea that the family and the home are valuable support assets.

CLUES elects trusted community leaders to be promotores and trains them on how to deliver information about nutrition education and healthy eating, obesity and diabetes prevention, and the importance of physical activity through one-on-one home visits. These Latino promotores have become the bridge between the people and federal, state and local resources and institutions they refer them to, which is why establishing a relationship of trust is crucial. Read more »

Missouri USDA’s “Can” Do Attitude with Feds Feed Families

The annual Feds Feed Families food drive is a summer-long effort, but USDA employees in Missouri donate to the Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri all year long. Eight years ago, Tara Griffin, a Missouri Farm Service Agency state office employee, took the initiative to organize USDA employees to volunteer once a month at the Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri. Employees repackaged bulk food for individual use and sorted food products, giving them the chance to see first-hand the impact the food bank has on local communities.  The experience was so powerful that Missouri USDA employees have continued to volunteer at the Food Bank once a month ever since.

Thus, it is no surprise that Missouri USDA employees are so eager to give back to the food bank each year through the Feds Feed Families campaign.  Collaboration between USDA agencies within the Missouri office has allowed for friendly competition and spurred the generation of creative ideas to help make the state’s Fed Feed Families campaign a success. Read more »

It Takes a County … to Help Feed Families!

In small rural communities like Cedar County, Iowa it takes many people wearing different hats to coordinate a successful food drive effort. This group gleaned for the Bread of Life Food Pantry to help support USDA’s Feds Feed Families campaign.

In small rural communities like Cedar County, Iowa it takes many people wearing different hats to coordinate a successful food drive effort. This group gleaned for the Bread of Life Food Pantry to help support USDA’s Feds Feed Families campaign.

USDA employees at the Tipton Service Center in Iowa are making impressive contributions to this year’s Feds Feed Families campaign. USDA Rural Development employee Mike Boyle reported food donations exceeding 750 pounds for the month of June and 1,760 pounds in July – just a portion of what is expected to be distributed throughout Tipton and surrounding eastern Iowa communities as part of the food drive this summer. Read more »

Feed the Future: Together We Can

This week, USDA was honored to join forces with USAID and Islamic Relief USA to host the department’s 4th annual Iftar celebration. The event welcomed over 170 guests, including representatives from humanitarian organizations, faith-based groups and federal employees.  This year’s Iftar called attention to the importance of reducing food insecurity abroad with the theme “Feed the Future: Together We Can.” Iftar is an evening gathering held each year during Ramadan.  A time of spiritual cleansing in the Islamic faith, Ramadan is when Muslims fast, abstaining from food and water from sunrise until sunset. Iftar is the meal at which Muslims break their fast each night. For many Muslims, fasting is an act of empathy towards those around the world who go hungry not by choice, but instead by circumstance.

USAID Administrator, Dr. Rajiv Shah, speaks about Feed the Future

USAID Administrator, Dr. Rajiv Shah, speaks about Feed the Future

Read more »

USDA Employees in Wisconsin Grill Year-Round to End Hunger

What do bratwurst and USDA have in common? The ability to mobilize community members to donate to Feds Feed Families!

On sizzling hot summer days in Madison, Wisconsin, employees of the Agricultural Research Service’s Dairy Forage Research Center fire up their grills with hot dogs, hamburgers, veggie burgers, and of course, brats (short for bratwurst, a German sausage that is especially popular in Wisconsin)  to incentivize donors to keep giving to feed hungry families.

This creative idea was sparked by Jane Marita, a plant molecular geneticist, who wanted to add some energy and excitement to the 2011 Feds Feed Families Campaign. By offering her co-workers free brats in exchange for food pantry donations, Marita noticed a marked increase in donations which resulted in a tremendous total of 2,800 pounds of food collected by the research center in 2011. Read more »