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Posts tagged: Forest Service

Experience History and Nature on These Scenic Drives in the Northern Rockies

Holland Lake sits at the base of the Swan Mountains about 25 miles north of Seeley Lake, Mont., just minutes off the route of the Montana Scenic Loop.

If you are looking for an exciting vacation with beautiful views then consider exploring Forest Service lands in the Northern Rockies for beautiful landscapes, scenic byways, historic trails and diverse wildlife. Read more »

USDA Forest Service, Partners, Go Live for Pollinators from the USDA National Arboretum

The USDA Forest Service, Prince William County School District and other partners will host a live webcast – “PollinatorLIVE:  A Distance Learning Adventure – on Wednesday, Sept. 29 from the Washington Youth Garden at the USDA National Arboretum. Read more »

USDA Forest Service Participates in Annual National Public Lands Day

The USDA Forest Service will join the public this Saturday, Sept. 25, for National Public Lands Day – the largest, annual, hands-on nationwide volunteer effort to improve America’s public lands. National Public Lands Day is coordinated by the National Environmental Education Foundation with the support of the Forest Service and other federal agencies.

The event focuses on educating the public about the importance of natural resources and the need for shared stewardship on the land. Volunteer activities include: planting trees and vegetation, building and refurbishing trails, removing trash and invasive plants, repairing bridges, restoring historic structures, monitoring endangered species and restoring habitats. The Forest Service has over 80 project sites to date for volunteer initiatives across the country.

Agroforestry Means Food Prosperity….and More!

Nicola Macpherson is the owner of Ozark Forest Mushrooms in Salem, Missouri. With the assistance of her state’s forestry agency, a Forest Stewardship Plan was developed to help her sustainably manage the forest and produce wholesome mushroom products at the same time.

Imagine an open field of vegetables and greens, exposed to the sun and the wind on the outskirts of your town.  Now imagine a row of trees sheltering the crops from hot dry winds and producing more marketable melons than in open fields; more snap beans earlier and later in the season when prices are higher. Read more »

USDA Forest Service Researchers Participate in International Conference in Seoul, Korea

Huge banners extolling the pillars of the IUFRO World Congress greet the 1100-plus attendees to this international gathering in Seoul, Korea. (IUFRO photo)

Huge banners extolling the pillars of the IUFRO World Congress greet the 1100-plus attendees to this international gathering in Seoul, Korea. (IUFRO photo)

Almost a four dozen USDA Forest Service researchers and staff members represent the United States among more than 3000 participants at the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) World Congress underway this week in Seoul, Korea. The conference theme is “Forests for the Future: Sustaining Society and the Environment”, and conference organizers are expressing the hope that this Congress will present a crucial opportunity to promote understanding of the contributions of forests and forest science to the Earth’s sustainability. Read more »

New Forest Service Publication Supports Need for USDA All Lands Approach to Conservation

A new publication by the USDA Forest Service, Private Forest, Public Benefits, explains how privately held forests in the U.S. are under substantial stress from the effects of climate change, wildfire, insects, pathogens and urban development. And since 55 percent of all national forested lands are privately held, how we address these stresses will affect the vitally important role private forests play in America. Read more »