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Getting ready for another Healthy Garden Workshop!

It’s an absolutely beautiful day here in Washington, D.C., and we’re setting up to put on the third week of Healthy Garden Workshops. If you’re not in town, you can still follow the Peoples’ Garden on Twitter, or check back later for a full report on the afternoon fun!

Walking through the Peoples’ Garden

The weather is holding through this afternoon, and the lunchtime crowd in the Peoples’ Garden is excited and really interested to see what’s happening.

Early in the afternoon, the DC Central Kitchen, a student-operated non-profit in the District of Columbia which works to develop and serve organic, nutritious food to people in need, demonstrated the making of their bruschetta — and they’re still serving it outside to great reviews!

Meanwhile, staff from the National Arboretum joined a group of curious folks to teach gardening in containers and pots — a perfect concept for Americans living in urban apartments or other places lacking green space to garden. Practical tips abounded — for example, terra cotta pots are great, but not if you need to move your garden around often (they’ll break). Instead, the staff outlined the benefits of new gardening pots that are more weather-and-damage resistant.

It’s always a lot of fun to walk in the garden on an afternoon like this one, and to see how many Americans are excited at the possibility of getting a garden of their own going. The workshops continue throughout the summer, and you can always learn more at the Peoples’ Garden page.

Peoples’ Garden provides tips, workshops on gardening

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