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Posts tagged: Sweeney Elementary School

New Mexico School Puts a Dash of Southwest in Recipe Competition

Chef Roland Schaeffer and students cooking "Cougar Power Lentils" for the Recipes for Healthy Kids competition

Chef Roland Schaeffer (American Academy of Chefs Hall of Fame) keeps a keen eye on student chefs cooking up Sweeney Elementary “Lentils of the Southwest, aka Cougar Power Lentils” recipe in the Recipes for Healthy Kids semi-finals competition.

Cross posted from the Let’s Move! blog.

With a name like “Lentils of the Southwest aka Sweeney Cougar Power Lentils,” who says a healthy elementary school lunch can’t be exciting? On Wednesday, May 18th, students at Sweeney Elementary School in Santa Fe, N.M., served judges a spicy and delicious side-dish in First Lady Michelle Obama’s Recipes for Healthy Kids competition. Read more »