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Posts tagged: World Vet Year

APHIS Veterinarian’s Love of Animals Starts at a Young Age

Hello, I’m Dr. Jack Shere, the Eastern Regional Director for USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Veterinary Services program.

As a kid, we had a German Shepherd mix puppy. My dad brought her home from a shelter and we took her to the veterinarian for shots. After a time, she got sick, displaying a series of symptoms that turned out to be distemper. She’d contracted it when she was too young for the puppy shots. The symptoms got worse until one Friday when she had a seizure in the kitchen. We called the vet to ask about bringing her in to be humanely put to sleep and the vet said he would. Watching this puppy die was heartbreaking for my entire family. I decided then to become a vet and to never turn down emergency calls so no one had to go through what my family did with this puppy. I’ve kept that vow in years since I graduated vet school. Read more »

Dr. Hallie Hasel Discusses Life as a Field Veterinarian

Hi, Dr. Hallie Hasel here.  I’ve been a field veterinary medical officer for USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) for the past eight years.  I work in western Kansas, an area with very large dairies, feedlots and some swine operations.

I’m a veterinarian because I have a desire to work in both agriculture and the livestock industry, especially in rural areas.  I started out in private practice.  I spent 10 years as the sole proprietor of a mixed animal practice and loved it.  However, I had the chance to sell my practice right as this APHIS job became available and I took it.  It’s been a great decision. Read more »