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Rural Champion Ruth Hambleton Helps Educate Farm

Ruth Hambleton, Annie’s Project, Woodlawn, Illinois

Ruth Hambleton, Annie’s Project, Woodlawn, Illinois

Cross posted from the White House Rural Champions of Change website:

Ruth Hambleton is the founder of Annie’s Project in Illinois. Annie’s Project is a non-profit organization that concentrates on education for Farm Women. Ruth works with women across the state of Illinois through her workshops and educational efforts. Her focus is to educate women about risk management and making sound management decisions. Ruth works hard to empower farm women across the state to be better business partners.

Her current focus is on reaching women of small acre, non-traditional and value-added farm operations. Ruth’s efforts to launch Annie’s Project have resulted in the adoption of the Annie’s Project model for farm women business management education by over 25 states to date. 

2 Responses to “Rural Champion Ruth Hambleton Helps Educate Farm”

  1. Rose Star says:

    Genetically engineered seeds/food is wreaking havoc in the worlds food supply. PLEASE STOP this insanity. It’s time now to make this practice illegal. Help save the world. Read about Monsanto at wikipedia. Read about Indian farmers killing themselves because they have been lied to by Monsanto. Monsanto wants to control the world’s food supply. You just think the economy and terrorists are a threat. Just wait till you can’t get food because Monsanto controls the world. Now that’s a problem.

  2. Patty Rio says:

    Dear Ms.Hambelton,
    I am about to retire and would like more information on this project. I want to start a small selfsustaining farm that can raise a specialty crop for cash and food and lifestyle for me. Any information would be appreciated.
    Sincerely,Patty Rio, CEO
    Patty’s Caring Place Inc. & Patty’s
    House, Multiple Adult Family Home

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