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Create Your Own Cookbook with the SNAP-Ed Connection Recipe Finder!

Are you an educator looking for a unique new way to motivate Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) participants to eat healthfully and cook more at home?  Or do you just love browsing, collecting, and arranging new recipes? Either way, you’re going to appreciate the latest feature added to SNAP-Ed Connection’s Recipe Finder—the ability to create your own personalized cookbook using our recipes. The process is easy, and the result is a cookbook that meets your needs and inspires healthy eating.

The Recipe Finder includes almost 600 low-cost, healthy recipes to choose from for your cookbook.  Add as many or as few as you’d like.

Short on time?  No problem!  Choose one of our canned cookbook options that use pre-selected recipes based on one of the following categories:

  • Children’s favorites
  • Older Adults
  • Cook it fast!
  • Hispanic/Latino recipes
  • Fruit and veggie recipes

With any cookbook you create, you’ll be able to enter a cookbook title, choose a cover design and personalize your cookbook with your name and/or organization.  Then hit the “Build my cookbook!” button and you’re done.  Your completed cookbook will be available as a PDF file for viewing and printing.

SNAP-Ed providers may use the cookbooks as promotional items, classroom incentives or participant keepsakes.  Cooperative Extension offices, food banks and food pantries, churches and schools, or families and individuals looking for a place to keep their favorite Recipe Finder recipes will also find many ways to use these customized cookbooks.

If you’re not already familiar with the Recipe Finder, you’ll certainly appreciate its usefulness.  All recipes are available in English and Spanish, are nutritious and budget friendly, and include cost and nutrition information.  You can search for recipes by ingredient, recipe name, menu item and cost, as well as a variety of other search options including audience, cooking equipment required, and nutrition education topic.  Once you find just the right recipes, you can add them to your cookbook or print them out individually.  You can also rate each recipe and view ratings from others.

Visit the Recipe Finder and access the brand new cookbook creator at:  Check it out today!

5 Responses to “Create Your Own Cookbook with the SNAP-Ed Connection Recipe Finder!”

  1. Erika Kelly says:

    This is a great tool. Thanks and good work.

  2. Angel Rigdon says:

    would like to put together a Pre-Diabetes cookbook.

  3. Karen H Staab says:

    This is basically a question, which I hope you can answer. Do you have a way to calculate your recipes for large-group cooking? My Quaker church group (and many others) provide cooked meals for the White Plains (NY) Open Arms Men’s Shelter. We need quantities for from 55 to 70 men per meal. I am aware of the SNAP program and used it at one time with a mothers’ group. But now I need guidance for healthy cooking for a large group of men. I look forward to hearing from you. Karen Staab

  4. Gina Gomez says:

    Hi Karen, A resource that might be of interest to you the Healthy Meals Recourse System Recipe Finder. This is a recipe database designed for school nutrition programs, but it is available online to the public and may fit the need that you have. Their Recipe Finder features large quantity recipes for schools and child care settings, including standardized recipes, USDA recipes, ideas for using commodity foods, recipes from industry and more! Check it out at

  5. says:

    Hi no longer works. Do you know when it will be fixed?

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