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19-Year-Old Hopes to Retire and Farm

At age 19, Austin Midkiff has already made plans to retire at a young age and farm the rest of his life.

At age 19, Austin Midkiff has already made plans to retire at a young age and farm the rest of his life.

Austin Midkiff thinks, breathes and lives farming. It’s all he has done since he was six years old.

By the time he was 14, he took over his grandparent’s 10-acre farm in Springdale, W.Va.

“When I turned 16 my grandparents sold everything to me in order to teach me how to get things on my own and start from scratch,” said Midkiff. “It’s hard starting off.”

Now, at age 19, he understands the difficulty of being a beginning farmer. For the past three years, he was able to build his cow/calf herd with a small loan from the Farm Credit Bureau, using his grandfather as a cosigner. But this year was different. His grandfather’s failing health prohibited him from cosigning on another loan and Midkiff’s young age didn’t make him the likely candidate to be approved.

“For three years I was able to get a loan with a cosigner and I paid the loan back six or seven months early,” said Midkiff. “Now, nobody would give me a shot. I was rejected everywhere because of my age and most places treated me like I was nothing unless I was looking to take out a $200,000 loan.”

With the Farm Credit loans, Midkiff expanded his farm from 10-acres to almost 400 acres. He missed 45 days of his high school senior year to run livestock and put up hay. “I still graduated, but farming was a priority and my passion,” he said.

He had the skills, he just needed a way to continue funding his passion. Some advice from a friend led him to the Farm Service Agency office. Midkiff completed a microloan application and by simple coincidence became the first person in the nation approved for the newly created loan.

“I didn’t know about the microloan. I went in looking to get a small loan, about $20,000,” said Midkiff. “I liked their personalities and they treated me well.”

With the FSA loan, Midkiff plans to build up his herd by purchasing 10 cows and a bush hog, along with some fertilizer.

“He flat-out loves farming,” said FSA Farm Loan Officer Daniel Yokum, who worked with Midkiff and advised him to apply for the microloan. “He has a very up-beat personality and seems like a real go-getter.”

Midkiff currently works a full-time job in the emergency room of the Greenbrier Valley Medical Center and two part-time jobs while still putting in a full day’s work on the farm.  He is also studying to be an Emergency Medical Service technician. His ultimate goal is to retire from working multiple jobs by the age of 35 or 40 and farm the rest of his life.

“I work night shifts, sleep six hours and then push myself hard all day,” said Midkiff. “One day, if I play my cards right, I’ll have everything paid off and I can retire and just farm.”

11 Responses to “19-Year-Old Hopes to Retire and Farm”

  1. Beth Hiatt says:

    As a career person who grew up a farmer – I understand Austin’s passion – go for it, you have a plan in place – put The Uncreated God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob first in all you do – then you will succeed.

  2. Janet O'Dell says:

    Good Luck to you Austin! Grow away, but please limit the chemicals and GMOs.

  3. R.kumarasamy says:

    good decision austin, good luck


  4. A. Legrand says:

    I wish I learned that when I was young, have passion for something, do things with love and passion, have a goal defined from youth. Not many persons, I dare to say, only a few, achieve that in life. The rest go with the current, are like sheep following other persons just for just nothing else to live the moment. Agriculture is one of the most important carreers. No Agriculture, no food, no people. Go for it Justin.

  5. jennygoldendoodle says:

    I wept when I read about your passion for farming. I have 5 grandsons that I pray will develop that same passion for whatever God blesses them with. I sincerely hope you win your dream of eventually becoming a full time farmer.

  6. sanjay agarwal says:

    Austin… excellent keep your spirits up.

    i am willing to help you in whatever i can. you can always write me a mail at

  7. Hey Austin,
    I was reading about your passion for farming and your willingness not to give up. Good for you!
    I grew up hearing stories of my great- grandparents farming thru the depression. Even when slaves were freed, my great- grandparent’s would feed them from their farm, quietly on the back porch.
    I’ve always wanted to have a ranch anx farm of my own. For youth without families; not to just house, but make them a home and learn how to be productive in adult life. Thus, hoping and praying the youth would learn value, quality, and to be conservative.
    Elizabeth M Barrett

  8. brenda hayes says:

    Way to go Austin; how did you get those extra several hundred acres? Go, Boy, GO!!

    NO GMO!!! Keep up the good work!!


  9. Jacqueline Moto says:

    Fantastic, Austin. Keep your spirit and inspiration strong. I know you will reach your goal as those you have before. Your youth and strong decided spirit with God’s help will pull you through. God bless and NO GMO :)

  10. Angela Harper says:

    I was amazed by your life changing story. I’m a female, who wants very much to start my own farm,I didn’t know everything about how to get started. One day, I was sitting and reading my local newspaper and I was reading about the outdoor section. The aid stated information about my states farmers. I knew for years before that I was interesting in becoming a farmer, and I did try but went by it the wrong way. Evently, I lost all my cattles that I worked so hard to purchase. By hearing about your story and your passion, it helped me to do more research and become more knowledgeable about farming. I went to my local office, and I was given the procedures of how to obtain the paperwork on renting and lessing land. I pray that this will be the starting point I need.

  11. Jim Raben says:

    Good job son!!! You’ve made quite an a accomplishment and I’m sure you’ll succeed with your dream!!! (PS Theres nothing wrong with GMOs!!!)

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