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Healthy School Meals in Their Own Words

Schools across the country are telling us that they are successfully serving healthy, delicious breakfasts and lunches to students. But how do the students and staff feel about the changes? We interviewed students and staff at Bondurant-Farrar School District outside of Des Moines, Iowa to get their take on the new meals.

Lexi Atzen, a senior at Bondurant-Farrar High School says that school meals make her feel better. “When you eat good foods, you feel a lot better about yourself,” says Atzen. “You feel a lot better just in general, you have more energy. And then that leads into the classroom as well.”

And Clayton Beck, also a senior, says that complaints about the amount of food don’t tell the full story. “Well, those people that are complaining, they’ll only take a burrito and an apple,” says Beck. “But if you take the burrito and then the beans and then the salad and then the fruit, you get full.”

Watch the video below to hear more candid responses at Bondurant-Farrar, or read success stories from other states here.

One Response to “Healthy School Meals in Their Own Words”

  1. Beth Mast says:

    I teach at a rural school and our kids are hungry. Our school is a K-8 school and the older children are very active outside playing ball, etc. They are not getting enough calories for the activity level they have. More and more of our children have started carrying their lunches and our school is losing money on lunches. I do lunchroom monitoring and even the 1st graders plates are much more empty than before this program started. I am amazed at how little is on their plates. Vegetables at times are 3 little carrots and 2 SMALL pieces of broccoli. It certainly is not working out at our school and not benefiting our students when they go hungry.

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