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Winter Food Fun for Kids of All Ages

You’re never too old to play with your food! This winter, while the kids are home from school and family and friends gather together, you can experiment with ways to make healthy foods festive and fun. This blog shows how we created a snowy scene using foods from all five of the MyPlate food groups.

We will continue to share ideas throughout the season on the MyPlate Facebook page, @MyPlate Twitter, and, and we want you to join in the fun. Get creative in the kitchen and find ways to make healthy foods the main attraction at your winter celebrations!

MyPlate Snowman Scene

Before getting started, be sure to wash your hands.

Edible MyPlate Snowman. Step 1.

Edible MyPlate Snowman. Step 1.

Step 1: Gather all of your ingredients and supplies. You’ll need whole-grain bread, peanut butter, a banana, raisins, a carrot, pretzel sticks, low-fat cheese slices (a white cheese will work best), your favorite green vegetable (we used a bell pepper), and edible snow (we chose air-popped popcorn, but a light colored cereal would work as well). Be creative and use what you already have on hand.

You’ll also need the following supplies: butter knife, snowman cookie cutter, cutting board, and a small snowflake cookie cutter.

Edible MyPlate Snowman. Step 2.

Edible MyPlate Snowman. Step 2.

Step 2: Make a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Use the snowman cookie cutter to create your main character. (Tip: Don’t waste the crusts! Enjoy the non-snowman parts of the sandwich now as a snack or save for later.)

Edible MyPlate Snowman. Step 3.

Edible MyPlate Snowman. Step 3.

Step 3: Make the snowflakes. (Tip: If you don’t have a small snowflake cookie cutter, you can use a plain circle and create snowballs instead! Cheese leftovers from the cutouts can be enjoyed as a snack now or refrigerated for later.)

Edible MyPlate Snowman. Step 4.

Edible MyPlate Snowman. Step 4.

Step 4: Now it’s time to create your scene! Relocate your snowman to a plate (a plate in a solid color works best) and give him a face, hat, buttons, and arms. If it’s cold outside, he may need a scarf too.

Edible MyPlate Snowman. Step 5.

Edible MyPlate Snowman. Step 5.

Step 5: Cover the ground in “snow” and plant trees. (If you don’t have a bell pepper, use another green fruit or vegetable such as snow peas or kiwi.)

Edible MyPlate Snowman. Step 6.

Edible MyPlate Snowman. Step 6.

Step 6: Let it snow! Add cheese snowflakes or snowballs to complete the scene on your plate. Add seasonal tableware and napkins to complete the scene on your table.

Step 7: Any finishing touches? Have fun and make it your own. Orange and yellow low-fat cheese can be used to add stars or a sun to the sky. Plant extra trees or build a house. Then eat and enjoy!

Check the MyPlate Facebook page throughout December for additional Winter Food Fun ideas. We’ll also be posting them to

6 Responses to “Winter Food Fun for Kids of All Ages”

  1. andrea porter says:

    That is the cutest idea I’ve seen!! I’m a Mom and i know Kids will love this.

  2. Myrtle Thomas says:

    Great idea and could be used as a food experience. The kids could create their own version of the winter fun activity.

  3. Choing Lonce says:

    That give me more idea to do winter sceneries! Thank you! I am going to work on my Christmas tree decorate with M&Ms glue on with cream cheese and the top of the tree with cheddar cheese yellow colored Star on it. The tree leaf I will use kale green and the tree trunk will be good with pretzel.

  4. Fred Flintstone says:

    Your government at work. Oh, brother.

  5. gyuwehfiul says:

    You guys never said I needed popcorn. that makes me very angry! Please fix that..

  6. terri cassellius says:

    I tried this with my kids, what a great time we had I threw in some extras.
    Thank You
    Chef C

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