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Harnessing NRCS Programs to Support Local and Regional Food Systems

When we launched the Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food initiative,  I asked each agency to take a realistic look at their programs for opportunities to better support farmers trying to access local and regional markets.  Since then, we have been excited to be able to share details and concrete examples on how programs in our Rural Development and Research, Education, and Economics mission areas and the Farm Service Agency and Agricultural Marketing Service are able to do so.

Today you can check out our next installment – the Natural Resources Conservation Service.  Anyone who follows our blog already knows about the great work NRCS is doing across the country.  Whether it is helping farmers build hoop houses, expand their farms, or protect our forests, NRCS is on the ground every day working with farmers and communities to protect and conserve natural resources and build local and regional food systems.

You can read the full memo here.  And for more information on these or any other NRCS programs, you can find your local NRCS office here.

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